I am employer

Less administration, wider application and environmentally friendly behavior without increasing costs. How does that sound to you?

Benefits of eStravenka for employers

Everything’s under control

Everything’s under control

all orders, employees and invoices stored in one place

I will save a lot of time

I will save a lot of time

no more mass visits of employees to the HR department every month

Easy and simple administration

Easy and simple administration

it is possible to order meal vouchers on the way home from your mobile device or tablet

Customer Login

How does it work?

I will order the cards

I will bulk upload a list of all my employees to My Up application.

I will receive two envelopes

Each employee will find login data to My Up in the first envelope and his/her card in the other.

Collect my PIN

Collecting the PIN from My Up activates the employee’s card automatically.

In My Up, I manage orders, the list of employees, and check invoices.

Hand out wisely

You can contribute some money to your employees either by increasing their salary or giving them meal vouchers.

Calculate which one of the two options works better for you.


Compare 2 options

Compare 2 options
Increase of employees‘ salary/month
for employees
21 meal vouchers/month
The employer will pay in a month:
The employer will pay in a month: 75 656 75 656
The insurance paid by the employer in a month:
The insurance paid by the employer in a month: 25 722 0 Kč
The total paid by the employer in a month:
The total paid by the employer in a month: 101 374 75 653
The employer will save per year:
The employer will save per year: 0 Kč 308 662
The employee’s annual income will increase by:
The employee’s annual income will increase by: 12 510 18 157


The calculation is set at 55% of the employer’s share in a meal voucher value and anticipates 21 business days in a month. The optimal nominal value of a meal voucher for 2020 is CZK 131.

Would you like to learn more?

By submitting your data, you allow us to process your personal data to the extent defined on the Personal Data Protection page.

You can also find additional interesting information here

Just click on „Generate forgotten password“ in the sign-in window and a new one-time password will be sent to your email. We recommend that you change your password after signing in.

It is up to you, just like ordering paper meal vouchers. The card can be recharged monthly, quarterly or every half year.

Please send us your company details. We will contact you immediately.

You can upload credits to your account through the Customer Zone in two ways:

  • via importing an excel spreadsheet
  • via recharging individual cards

The credits are posted on the next day following order processing.

Click here to sign in with your username and password. We will send the access data to the HR manager’s email stated in the Contract. If you have not received your access data, please write us an email to info@upcz.cz.

Yes, the employees can make a choice. Paper vouchers and eStravenka may be combined in one order. You can order more eStravenka in the same order.

Yes, this is possible. You can buy both eStravenka and paper vouchers from us for your company. It is entirely up to you.

The cards are sent in bulk to the employer’s address. The card is delivered in a sealed envelope along with the information on how to use it. Before the cards‘ delivery, you will receive access data to My Up for all employees.

Would you like to know more? Download the document.

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