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I’m an employer

Less time spent on administration, green behaviour and perfect overview. No increase in costs.

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eStravenka will be to the liking of employers

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Orders, employee details and invoices are directly in the app. It’s as clear as a smorgasbord.

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Get the most tax-efficient incentive. Give your employees benefits on a Mastercard payment card that they can easily add to Apple Pay or Google Pay.

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Eating regularly improves both physical and mental resilience, not only to stress. Then employees are happier, more productive and work better.

How does it work?


Simply upload a list of all employees to Můj Up.


In the 1st envelope, employees will find the login details for the app and in the 2nd envelope the new All Inclusive card.


Everyone can find their PIN in the Můj Up motivational platform. This will also automatically activate the card.


In the app you can manage orders, employee list and check invoices.

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Easy and fast search 

in the partner network

Find out where you can redeem your eStravenka.

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Calculate whether it’s more profitable to contribute in cash or meal vouchers.

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Number of employees

Value of meal voucher (in CZK)

Bonus to salary 21 meal vouchers per month
Employer will monthly pay:
Employer will monthly pay: 121 853 CZK 121 853 CZK
Employer will monthly pay for insurance:
Employer will monthly pay for insurance: 41 186 CZK 0 CZK
Employer will monthly pay in total:
Employer will monthly pay in total: 163 039 CZK 121 853 CZK
Employer will yearly save:
Employer will yearly save: 0 CZK 494 234 CZK
Employee’s annual income will increase by:
Employee’s annual income will increase by: 21 466 CZK 29 245 CZK
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The calculation is set at 55% employer share of the value of the meal voucher and assumes 21 working days per month. The optimal nominal value of the meal voucher for 2024 is CZK 211.

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What you are often interested in

How does the Government’s consolidation package affect eStravenka?

We have prepared a clear explanation of the legislative changes resulting from the government’s consolidation package and the impact they will have on catering benefits on Konsolidační balíček a benefity.

What legislation applies to the eStravenka product?

Act No. 262/2006 Coll., the Labour Code, as amended: the employer is obliged to provide all employees with meals during all shifts; the employer does not have this obligation towards employees sent on a business trip.

Act No.586/1992 Coll., on Income Taxes (ITA), as amended: expenditure (costs) for the achievement, provision and maintenance of income are also expenditure (costs) for working and social conditions, health care and increased rest time of employees, incurred for the operation of own catering facilities, except for the value of food, or contributions for catering provided through other entities. The exemption for employer-provided catering allowances is set out in particular in Art.
9(b), ITA.

What should I do if I have forgotten my Můj Up account login details?

In the login window, click on ”Forgot your password?”. A new password will be emailed to you. We recommend changing it after you log in.

How often should I recharge my employees’ cards?

You can top up your All Inclusive card monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. It’s up to you.

How can I order an All Inclusive card for my employees?

Email us to let us know you are interested in eStravenka. We will be happy to get back to you.

Can employees pay by card online?

Yes, employees can use the card to pay for online purchases securely. They can use the Up Klíč mobile app (available for download in App Store or Google Pay) to confirm the payment, or they can also confirm the payment via SMS.

Want to know more? Download the document.

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