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Elegant mobile or watch payment

No need to search for your wallet, pay with your mobile or watch using Apple Pay or Google Pay.

up stravenky v mobilu snadno a rychle
moderní placení s Apple a Google Pay

With Apple Pay and Google Pay, it’s fast and trendy. You also have the advantage of always having your phone or smartwatch with you, so you won’t leave your Up meal voucher in your jacket or handbag at the office.

The eStravenka works like any other payment card, so all you have to do is enter it into your smart device.

You don’t even need to enter your PIN for payment. If you are paying less than CZK 500, just light up the display and hold it up to the payment terminal. For amounts over CZK 500, you can unlock your phone with a password, fingerprint or facial scan.

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Make sure you have a current and valid email or phone number in Můj Up.

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If you have an Iphone, download the free Apple Pay app to your device.

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If you have Android, download the Google Pay app.

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Add your Up electronic meal card information in the app of your choice. This can be done either by manually filling in the card information or by taking a picture of the card.


Confirm via email or SMS that it is you. And you’re done!

Jak si přidat kartu eStravenka do mobilu?
využijte platbu mezi kolegy

We have a solution to this situation too. The person in question can pay for all of them and then the others simply send the money from their eStravenka in the Můj Up app thanks to the great Payment between colleagues feature.