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Employee Motivation

Motivate your employees smartly with eStravenka


With the Up electronic meal voucher, you can take care of your employees and motivate them to perform better. The Up meal voucher does all this. It’s simply the most convenient meal voucher.

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Proper diet is
easy with the Up meal voucher

Research has proven that regular eating is absolutely crucial to our health. Unfortunately, it is often the case that lunch is the only healthy and nutritionally balanced meal for employees all day!

Therefore, encourage regular meals for employees in your company. 
With eStravenka it’s easy. Other options, such as a meal allowance, do not motivate regular lunches and healthy lifestyles.


Eating regularly improves not only your health, but also your overall physical and mental well-being.

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In companies where lunches are encouraged with meal vouchers, workers perform better, are more focused, make fewer mistakes, and turnover and sickness are reduced.


A fed employee is also happier, more loyal and more resilient to stress.

Up meal card
is a competitive advantage

Companies that provide a meal voucher allowance are more attractive to applicants, which stabilizes employees and reduces recruitment costs.

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Lunch with eStravenka
is the best teambuilding

Good food brings people together. Lunch together strengthens team spirit and relationships between employees, who get to know each other better in an informal setting. And it’s certainly easier to work with a colleague you know more closely and in other ways than just work.

Lunch gives employees a break from work with a change of scenery, which is the best lunch break option. This is because it is associated with a break from work and a walk to a restaurant.

And what’s better than enjoying a great lunch in a restaurant in the company of friendly colleagues?

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