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Your lunch in your pocket – simple and practical

The most popular employee benefit? Definitely eStravenka.

Discover the benefits of our state-of-the art product – eStravenka. Made in the form of a plastic payment card, it is issued by us in cooperation with the renowned payment company Mastercard. It can fully replace the existing paper meal vouchers and, above all, brings so far many unknown benefits to the employers, their employees and our partners as well

eStravenka is a complex, utmost practical, fast, safe and, in terms of administration, much easier solution for all involved. To partners, it brings a significant acceleration of reimbursement of meal voucher value. The money will be credited on their account within 2 business days.


Being ECO is not only cool but also the right thing to do. However, each one of us must begin with ourselves first. How to do it? Let’s start by replacing paper with a digital solution.

In our restaurant locator, you will find a wide network of restaurants accepting Mastercard. If your favorite restaurant is not listed there yet, we will contact them.

You can calculate your remaining meal vouchers every day or have a card in your wallet and an application in your mobile device to answer any inquiring questions. Which do you like better?

We have entered a digital era where everything is constantly evolving. Now you can pay with eStravenka in Google Pay and you can look forward to use Apple Pay in the near future.

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With our far-reaching search engine, you can find out where you can use your eStravenka.

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