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All you need is a classic payment terminal, you’ll have money in your account really quickly and you’ll never waste time counting paper vouchers again.

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Working with us is a pleasure

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Mastercard processes payments faster than you can build a third lunch menu.

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You don’t have to collect, count, or send in your meal tickets for reimbursement. You know, minute to minute…

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The eStravenka is from Mastercard. This makes it work like other payment cards. Proven recipe.

How does it work?


Payment is always covered. The customer can spend without limit.


It works the same way as paying with a traditional card. The money will come with your other card transactions from your bank.


Everything is simply in one place in the Customer Zone.


The money will stay with you for more than a month before you pay the fees.

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What you are often interested in

How does eStravenka work?

Like a regular credit card. Even a conventional payment terminal is sufficient.

What can I do if the cardholder has a payment problem?

Well, this is complicated. There could be a lot of reasons.

  1. The card may not have enough money on it, or it may be blocked. Check the app.
  2. The card may be inactive. Just pick up the PIN in the app and it will activate.
  3. The card may also have expired.
  4. The error may be on the merchant’s end. For example, due to an unreported terminal change.
How can I pay tips by card?

Easy. Just add the tip to the cost of the spend after the customer has agreed.

How can I promote my establishment?

Advertising in the Můj Up app

  • more than 60,000 users per month who can be your potential customers
  • average monthly traffic to My Up is 310 000
  • the app is used by users from all corners of the country

If you are hosting a special limited time event, let us know. We’ll set it up according to your preferences for when the campaign will appear.

Advertising with our paper vouchers

  • 150,000 users receive printed vouchers every month. Your advertising can also be part of the package.
  • Users will see your ad for 2 months in a row.
  • You decide what will be the subject of the message.

If you are interested in advertising, please contact us by e-mail..

What does the sticker look like and how can I get one for my establishment?

You can find a preview of the sticker HERE. To order stickers just write to us at:

Want to know more? Download the document.

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