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I have the money on my account quickly, I do not need any payment terminal and I will never have to count meal vouchers again. How does that sound to you?

Benefits of eStravenka for partners

I will get the money in two days

I will get the money in two days

Mastercard can speed up payment for transactions

I will save a lot of time

I will save a lot of time

I don’t have to collect, count and send meal vouchers for reimbursement

I can have any terminal I want

I can have any terminal I want

I can use the existing terminal as in making payments with other cards

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How does it work?

Card payment

The card payment is always valid and the maximum daily amount is CZK 800

Money within two days

Reimbursement with card transactions from your bank

On-line summary

All transactions are displayed in the Customer Zone

Payment at the end

You will have all means with you for more than one month

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    Odesláním údajů umožňujete zpracování osobních údajů v rozsahu definovaném na stránce Ochrana osobních údajů.

    You can also find additional interesting information here

    Just like a regular payment card. All transactions are verified online. PIN is always required for contact (chip) payments. Contactless payments up to CZK 500 do not require a PIN. eStravenka offers a daily limit of CZK 800.

    The payment with eStravenka may be declined for several reasons.

    1. The card is blocked. The card holder can verify the balance in his/her personal account.
    2. The card is inactive. The card holder has not collected the PIN for his/her card and the card is thus inactive.
    3. The card has expired. The card holder must ask his/her employer to renew the card.
    4. There are not enough credits left on the card to pay for the purchase.
    5. The card holder has exceeded the daily limit of CZK 800.
    6. You did not send us your new Merchant ID if you changed your payment terminal. Please inform us if this is the case. Contact.

    Just like with any other payment card. It is up to you and your customer to decide. You can add a tip to the amount charged so that the customer pays the price with the tip included, or he/she can give you a tip in cash.

    Because this way we can speed up the reimbursement of your purchases with eStravenka for you. You will have the money on your account within 2 business days. Also, the new Mastercard offers more options and benefits to suit a larger number of establishments and clients.

    You can download preview of eStravenka sticker here. To order stickers, write to obchod.partner@upcz.cz

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