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All you need is a payment terminal

Accepting meal card payments has never been easier

pro správu Vám stačí platební terminál

Get a stable partner and lots of great customers. Don’t waste time and join today! eStravenka from Up works like any other Mastercard payment card. You don’t need anything more than a traditional payment terminal.

přijímejte bezkontaktní platby

Customers can pay with you contactlessly (by attaching an eStravenka), but also by contact (by entering a PIN code), or with Apple Pay or Google Pay, where you just need to attach your smartphone or watch to the terminal.

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The money is in your account within 2 days.

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You’ll save a lot of time counting meal vouchers.

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With Up eStravenka you will increase your sales and gain a competitive advantage.

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All you need is a payment terminal. That’s all you need.

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You have the funds with you for over a month, the fees are at the end.

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Your profile will be in the Up establishments online search engine where you can actively manage it.

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You can track all transactions individually in the online reports.

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In addition, you can conveniently manage and control your invoices.

If you don’t have a payment terminal yet, take advantage of a great offer from Komerční banka and get a Smart Pay payment terminal for a year for FREE and without a fee for transactions up to CZK 50,000 /month!

Cashless payments are now standard and convenient for you. Customers usually spend more when paying by card because they are not limited by the cash they have on them.

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