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Money within 2 days

With eStravenka you have money in your account in a flash

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Electronic meal voucher from Up? These are just the benefits!

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Lots of new customers and diners.

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Up Club Gastro loyalty program. Because our customers love loyalty programs.

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It’s easier than saying Up. All you need is a payment terminal.

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The customer pays with the eStravenka electronic card by contact, contactless or using a smart phone or watch with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

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The money will be credited to your account within 2 days.

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Payment is always covered and there is no daily limit.

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In our customer area you have a perfect overview of everything. The Up electronic meal voucher card works like any other Mastercard payment card, you can see all transactions in one report together with your other card payments.

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We’re fair. You have the money in your account for over a month, you pay the fees at the end.

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You’ll gain increased sales, a competitive advantage over other merchants and new customers who will spend their meal vouchers and earn points with you.

The sooner you join, the better! eStravenka is the most convenient meal voucher for everyone.

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