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More restaurants, balance summary in your mobile device and an ecological attitude. How does that sound to you?

Benefits of eStravenka for employees

I’ll find a restaurant

I’ll find a restaurant

A wide network of restaurants accepting Mastercard

I’ll add my favorite restaurant

I’ll add my favorite restaurant

Let us know about your favorite restaurant, we will contact them

 Exclusive bonuses for payment

Exclusive bonuses for payment

Thanks to eStravenka, you get attractive rewards either directly on eStravenka or through discounts from selected e-shops in My Up.

Customer Login

How does it work?

Collect two envelopes at HR

One contains your login to Můj Up and the other one your card.

Collect your PIN

By collecting your PIN in Můj Up, your card is activated automatically.

Everything is in your mobile phone

Find your balance and restaurant locator in Můj Up.

Simple payment

Contactless payments with Mastercard quickly and without the PIN.

Easy and fast search for shops and restaurants

Find out where you can use your eStravenka.

Restaurant locator

Would you like to learn more?

    By submitting your data, you allow us to process your personal data to the extent defined on the Personal Data Protection page.

    You can also find additional interesting information here

    You can find your current balance on your personal account in Můj Up.

    – to own a mobile device (iPhone, iWatch or iPad) with iOS technology (wireless technology that allows wireless data transfer over short distances)
    – to have an active eStravenka or eBenefity card issued by Up ČR
    – to open the Wallet application on your mobile device
    – to accept the Conditions of use for Up ČR payment cards

    – to enter the confirmation code sent to you by SMS on your mobile phone or by e-mail at the address you entered for your cards in Můj Up.

    As soon as your card is registered in the Wallet application on your iPhone, unlock your Apple Watch. Then, open the Wallet application and select “Wallet and Apple Pay”.

    Press the “Add” button next to the eStravenka card. Enter the three-digit security code on the back side of the card and press “Next”. Read the Conditions of use and confirm your consent.

    After this step, you have the option of receiving the verification code by SMS on your mobile phone or by e-mail at the address you entered for your cards in Můj Up.

    The network of stores is the same as in the eStravenka card. Apple Pay and Google Pay can be used at all merchants who are Up ČR partners and have a contactless terminal available.

    Click here to sign in with your username and password. The access data is sent via post to your employer’s mailing address.

    The card can be used in restaurants/establishments marked by the logo of UP Česká republika in the Czech Republic. You can find a list of partners accepting eStravenka here or in your personal account. If you have a favorite restaurant or another establishment where eStravenka is not accepted, please let us know here. We will contact them with an offer to join our network of partners.

    Yes, more than one card may be used with Apple Pay and Google Pay. You can set one of them as default. You can also choose a different card before payment if you have more than one registered in Apple Pay and Google Pay.

    Would you like to learn more? Download the document.

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