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One card

You only need one All Inclusive card to pay with meal vouchers

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You no longer need to carry a wallet full of paper meal vouchers, you just need one All Inclusive payment card with lots of discounts.

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With it, you have a perfect overview of your current balance, spending and charging at any time in the mobile or desktop app.

That way you always know if you can get something else good.

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You pay by contact with a PIN code.

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Contactless by simply attaching the eStravenka.


Just put your smartwatch or phone with Apple Pay and Google Pay on the payment terminal.

And with the Up meal voucher, there’s no daily limit, so you can enjoy your best value meal voucher to the full!

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We have a simple how-to guide for you.

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You must have a valid email or phone number in Můj Up.


If you have an Iphone, download the Apple Pay app; if you have Android, download Google Pay.

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In the app, add your Up electronic meal card data either manually or by taking a picture of your card.


Finally, confirm that it’s you via email or SMS. Done! Paying with a meal voucher card couldn’t be easier.