The first virtual payment card with benefits in the Czech Republic

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If you’re a fan of modern technology, then you’ll be thrilled with the news that Up Czech Republic is the first to bring to the benefits market. It’s a virtual payment card! No more plastic cards or paper benefit vouchers stuffed in your wallet, but modern, trendy, safe and environmentally friendly payment.
virtuální karta od Up

At Up Czech Republic, our users are our alpha and omega. We are constantly growing for them, inventing new things, innovating and staying ahead of the times. Our current biggest innovation is the introduction of so-called virtual payment cards. They work just like regular cards, but they don’t have the physical form of the familiar plastic card. They exist only in electronic form and you can pay with them via Apple Pay or Google Pay on your smartphone or watch and on the internet with the Up Key app. In addition, we are the first in the benefits market to introduce virtual cards!

přinášíme novinku - virtuální karta od Up

Why virtual cards? It’s environmentally friendly, secure and administratively easy

The virtual card does not need to be manufactured. This saves a lot of plastic, but also time and energy in the production and distribution of physical cards. This contributes to a sustainable lifestyle and environmental friendliness. Security is another big plus in the list of benefits. With Up Keys, you can use biometric authentication for online payments via fingerprint or face scan. Biometrics cannot be bypassed, which is why it is the most secure method of payment confirmation ever.

The complete minimization of administration is also not negligible. Virtual cards do not need to be packaged, sent or distributed to companies and then to individual employees. There is also no need to deal with the subsequent disposal of cards. This saves a lot of time for the HR department and the employees themselves.

You won’t lose your virtual card and your employee benefits are separate from your salary

In the case of a virtual card, there is also no need to forget or lose it somewhere. Your work benefits are also completely separate from your salary, which is paid into your bank account. This always reminds you that Up’s benefits are there for you and your health and recovery.

Most workers have a smartphone

The vast majority of employees already have a smart phone or watch and use it for an increasingly wide range of everyday activities. These employees will be excited about the new virtual card option. For everyone else who doesn’t want to or can’t use virtual cards, the option of regular plastic Up cards as they are used to them remains, of course.

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